As a practice, we care about what matters most to our patients. One question that we often ask is, “If you could change anything about your teeth or smile, it would be ………….”  Overwhelmingly, the response we get is that our patients want straighter, whiter teeth.  We are happy to announce that both Dr. Chen and Dr. El-Maasri have attended updated education classes  on new advances with Invisalign and are re-engaged and ready to help our patients accomplish their wishes.  One nice thing about Invisalign is that you can accomplish both straightening and whitening your teeth all at the same time in many cases.  With the clear trays, you can whiten your teeth by applying whitening gel to your Invisalign tray and avoid the typical separate whitening procedure options.  It can save time and money for the patient.

Not only have we “upped” our game regarding Invisalign, our office has also gone through the Zoom whitening training and will now be offering Zoom In-Office whitening along with our traditional take-home whitening kits.  “Our patients needs and concerns are our priority.  We are excited to now offer a fast, easy way for our patients to whiten their teeth with a single visit to our office.” states Dr Chen.  “Zoom whitening has improved their delivery system and with the advanced LED light, we feel it is a safe, convenient and comfortable way for our patients to get the smile they want.”

Look for special offers we will be having throughout the year.  A straighter and whiter smile can become more than a wish…….make it a reality!