Every year you make the same promises to yourself. You promise to improve your fitness. You promise to eat better. Maybe you promise to “live” more and take more trips. These resolutions are always exciting, but by February the gym is empty, the Jack in the Box line is full, and your couch has become your favorite place in the home.

This year, give yourself a New Year’s resolution worth keeping. Let this be the year you prioritize your smile, and make sure that you’re taking care of your teeth.

How to Make a Healthy Smile a New Year’s Priority

Healthy smiles provide more than confidence. When your teeth are healthy, you avoid tooth pain and decay, you reduce the amount of bacteria you swallow, and you make sure that your teeth remain stronger, whiter, and healthier for years to come.

That’s why we encourage you to make a healthy smile your priority, with changes that are easy to fit into your lifestyle. For example:

  • Get Your 3 Month/6 Month Cleanings – Your dental insurance likely has a budget for 2 to 4 dental cleanings a year. Take advantage of this insurance by scheduling all of your dental cleaning appointments. There is no easier way to make sure you have healthy teeth and gums than with regular cleanings.
  • Floss – You likely already brush your teeth twice a day. But if you haven’t been flossing, perhaps this year is when you start. Flossing becomes much easier the more you do it, and if you find that you’re not wild about sticking your hands in your mouth, there are floss picks that can reach all the way to your back teeth with ease. Flossing only once a day is more than enough to see benefits.
  • Replace Your Toothbrush – Toothbrushes have a lifespan. Every 3 months or so, the bristles will have lost their strength. Replacing your toothbrush (or toothbrush head, for Sonicare brushes) ensures that you are still getting the best possible clean.

These are three simple changes – getting your regular dental cleaning, flossing, and replacing your toothbrush – that will all help pave the way to a healthier smile in no time.

Visit Esthetic Reflections Today – Now Open Fridays!

Esthetic Reflections is now open 2 Fridays per month, which means more availability for your teeth cleanings. Now there are fewer excuses for avoiding your dental care.

With only a few easy changes, you can have a healthier smile and make changes to your dental routine that will last a lifetime. If you’re interested in getting started, call us today at 916-983-6051.