Dr. Chen has received extensive training in the field of dentistry. He is one of the few dentists in Folsom that provides both general and cosmetic dentistry, and many patients are referred to Dr. Chen for his knowledge and experience with what’s known as “complex cases.” Complex clinical cases are dentistry that requires more specialized needs than the typical general dentist can provide.

It is this experience that allows Dr. Chen and Esthetic Reflections the ability to offer Invisalign – the clear braces that are very popular for straightening crooked teeth.

Invisalign in Folsom with Dr. George Chen

Often your dentist will send you to an orthodontist for crooked teeth, but Dr. Chen is able to offer Invisalign right here in-house, with no referral needed. That means that you can have your general dentist provide you with Invisalign braces, and for many of our patients, this provides many advantages, including:

  • Knowledge of Teeth – Because Dr. Chen is already your general dentist, he’ll be able to integrate his knowledge of your teeth and gums into treatment, offering better advice as you move through the Invisalign process.
  • Awareness of Dental Health and Hygiene – Orthodontists focus only on your smile. General dentists, like Dr. Chen, care about the health of your teeth. All braces have a risk of tooth degradation and cavities, and Dr. Chen will be able to pay more attention to how healthy your teeth look over time.
  • Comfort – If you’ve been to Esthetic Reflections, then you know our office. You know the team, you know Dr. Chen, you know the location. It helps to have that familiarity so that you’re more comfortable with follow up treatments and calls.

Invisalign is an easy to use system for straighter teeth, gum disease, interproximal decay, and so much more. But it helps to work with someone that you trust, and someone that will pay attention to your entire smile – not just whether it is straighter.

Not only does it help to work with a general dentist, but Dr. Chen’s experience as a cosmetic dentist means that he’ll also be able to monitor how your final smile affects your face, and how to make sure the teeth are moving in a way that is as aesthetically desirable as it is functionally desirable.

If you are interested in Invisalign in Folsom, call Esthetic Reflections today.