Hello Everyone!   

This is Dr El-Maasri, Dr Chen’s new Associate.  I saw a patient last week that I am still thinking about.  I would like to share this experience with you so that you are aware of the importance of a bone grafting when taking out a tooth.

This patient came in because she wanted an implant ( a fake tooth ) in place of a tooth she had taken out 5 years ago.  Unfortunately, she is not able to have the implant because there is not enough bone in that sight to support the implant. If she had a bone graft placed the day she had that hopeless tooth taken out, then she may have avoided this situation.

Here is a fact:  You loose 3-6mm horizontally and 1-2 mm vertically of bone 1 year after extraction.   As soon as that tooth is taken out, you loose a lot of bone that is crucial in order to have an implant placed in the future.  As dentists we can place some fake bone in the socket the day that tooth is taken out.   This will decrease the chances of loosing this precious bone.  We can place cadaver bone, animal bone and even synthetic bone.  All are safe and have been treated before being used.  Always ask for a bone graft when you have a tooth that needs to come out.

If you would like additional information, please either call us or stop by the office for a consult so that I can evaluate your specific case and answer your questions.

Take care,

Dr. El-Maasri, D.M.D