Halloween is tomorrow, and then the day after starts what can loosely be described as a long holiday season. November is when we start planning for family visits, friend gatherings, vacations, and time away from school, and while Thanksgiving itself is still several weeks away and Christmas and Hanukkah longer still, mentally and financially, the beginning of this season is about to begin.

You have a lot on your mind during this time of year. But, as always, it’s still important to care about your oral health. That is why we have compiled a few important things to know about dental care and oral health coming into this November holiday season.

This to Know About Oral Health in November

  1. Your Holiday Stress Does Affect Your Teeth – Even though it’s always fun to see friends and family, the stress of the holidays, including the gift buying, the family tensions, and the vacation planning, can be extremely damaging to your oral health. Stress increases the amount of bad dental bacteria, leads to tooth grinding and clenching, and increases your susceptibility to infections. You should be giving your teeth the utmost care all year, but that is especially true during this time of year.
  2. Thanksgiving Food is Bad for Teeth – Most holiday food can be damaging to your teeth and gums. During the holiday, the pumpkin pie, cranberry sauce, wine, stuffing, and more are all rich in sugars that increase dental bacteria and may stain teeth. Brushing and flossing often during and after Thanksgiving can help reduce the risk. There is some good news though – turkey is one of the best foods you can eat for your teeth, provided it doesn’t get stuck in between them.
  3. There Are Two Months Left on Your Dental Benefits – November is also a reminder that your dental benefits do expire, and they expire soon before they refresh for the 2020 year. This can lead to several challenges. First, it means you’ll want to schedule an appointment within these last two months to utilize your benefits. Second, it means that other people are doing the same, and so prime appointments may not be available. We strongly encourage you to call and schedule your time now, before your ideal appointment window fills up.

Dental Care for November and the Holidays

With those issues in mind, the good news is that you can prevent or reduce the damage of most dental issues by making sure your brushing and flossing is prioritized this holiday season, so that holiday foods do not get stuck in teeth. In addition, your dental benefits will refresh in January, so if you plan to partake in a lot of foods and activities that are not ideal for your dental health, you can set up an appointment in January and our dentists will do their best to help prevent long term issues.

But as your current or future dentist, we want to make sure that you’re caring for your oral health this time of year. The holiday season is about to be here, but let’s not forget how important your health is to even more enjoyable holidays now and in the future.