There was a time when a missing tooth could have meant a permanent hole in your smile. There were options available, such as dentures, but those options were not considered preferable and many people chose not to address the missing tooth.

But times have changed, and now there are a number of wonderful approaches to addressing teeth that have been lost to trauma, decay, and more.

By far the most “popular” approach is a dental implant, in the sense that both dentists and patients find that it is the best choice for their dental needs. While not everyone qualifies for dental implants, those that do are frequently satisfied with it, as if offers benefits and advantages that are great for your smile.

Benefits of Dental Implants for Patients with Missing Teeth

Every approach to replacing missing teeth – even dentures – has become more comfortable and easier for those that need support. Other options, like dental bridges, are also great choices that bring about a high satisfaction rate. But there are reasons why dental implants are preferred:

  • They Are Durable – Implants are drilled (safely, securely, and pain free) into your jaw bone. This gives them the strength of regular, healthy teeth. You can chew any hard foods, chew, and more all without any risks.
  • They Help Your Bite – Because of their strength and placement, they are able to easily replace the previous tooth within your bite so that you will not have any other bite challenges develop over time.
  • Easy to Care For – Dental implants act just like any other type of tooth. That means that you can brush and floss them just as you would any other teeth, thus keeping them clean and healthy along with the rest of your mouth.
  • Benefits to Your Smile – Dental implants also help your smile, both cosmetically and functionally. Cosmetically, they often look more natural than any other type of tooth replacement. Functionally, they prevent teeth from moving out of place without braces or retainers.

For those that have missing teeth, dental implants are frequently the procedure of choice for keeping your teeth happy and healthy. For more information about implants, or to schedule your appointment, please contact Esthetic Reflections in Dentistry, today.