What is a patient’s most common comment to the dental assistant or front desk staff when the dentist leaves the exam room? If you answered, “what did he say?” you are correct. Research states that Doctors and Dentists are not the best at communicating with patients as they think in a clinical way and may lose the patient in translation.

At our office, we work hard at overcoming the communication barrier. Dr Chen spends well over an hour at every new patient exam using visual aids such as x-rays, photos and video presentations to explain any treatment diagnosed. If we feel that more time is needed to help the patient understand, we will re-appoint for a 2nd consultation visit with Dr Chen to discuss their treatment needs.

After Dr Chen has seen the patient and diagnosed treatment, our front desk staff spends the necessary time to meet and go over the treatment options and help answer any additional questions. Our goal is to have the patient leave with a good understanding of what is necessary and how we can help them utilize their insurance or financing options to obtain dental health.

So, next time you visit our office, let us know how we are doing. Are we confusing you with clinical terms or are you confident with the treatment we diagnosed? Our goal is that when you leave, you feel comfortable in knowing that we have explained and/or demonstrated to you the best way to obtain and keep your healthy smile! We do not want you to leave our practice wondering “what did he say?”