X-Rays are a standard part of general dentistry. Every few years, or whenever we have a concern, we perform an X-ray of your teeth to look for cavities and signs of decay that may have changed since the last time you had your teeth checked. It’s a common practice that we use here at Esthetic Reflections in Dentistry.

But we’ve also integrated a new technology into our repertoire – one that is very new to dentistry but could be exactly what you need for a happier, healthier smile. It’s known as CariVu, a type of “transillumination” technology. It is placed on each tooth, and is able to light up the tooth much like an X-ray, but with a brighter and more visible light.

CariVu Benefits Over X-Ray:

CariVu is an exciting new technology, and one that is improving our dentists’ ability to find and address tooth and gum related issues. CariVu can be performed with or without an X-Ray, and has many benefits that patients love, including:

• No Ionizing Radiation – Dental X-rays do require a type of gentle, comparably safe ionizing radiation in order to get an accurate reading, and while there is little risk of complications, CariVu offers an alternative that requires no radiation.
• Interproximal Caries Detection – CariVu does an excellent job identifying and illuminating interproximal caries, which can be a bit more difficult to see from an X-ray and almost impossible to view with the naked eye.
• Detailed Cavity Detection – CariVu provides a more detailed analysis than X-ray can provide. CariVu can show us the depth of the cavity or decay, the exact location, and even whether or not the cavity can be reversed without a filling.

These are benefits that can complement X-ray technology, and represent a safer alternative for children and pregnant women that may not be ideal patients for radiation related treatments.

CariVu is one of the many new and exciting technologies that we have here at Esthetic Reflections in Dentistry. To learn more about our treatments, or to book an appointment, please feel free and call us today.