We at Esthetic Reflections are entering the final quarter of the year. This is often a time when dentists across Folsom and Sacramento get very busy, as more and more families are back from vacation and ready to take care of their teeth.

We want to remind you that now is the time to schedule an appointment, because you have only three months left to use your 2016 insurance benefits before they are gone forever.

Why Use Your Dental Benefits?

Most insurance companies have a maximum amount of money that they set aside for your dental care every year. With some exceptions, these insurance companies will only provide a specific dollar value of support for your fillings, dental restorations, root canals, and more, and if you go over that dollar value, you will have to pay the remainder out of pocket.

This amount resets every year, starting on January 1st for most insurers. For the patient that has already used up their budget, dental care can be costly. But for patients that have not yet used up their dental insurance benefits, waiting until next year to get your dental care completed can be just as costly.

That is because dental benefits are “use it or lose it.”

If you have dental work that needs to be completed, and you have insurance benefits remaining this year, it is better for your budget to schedule your dental work before the year is over. This allows you to use up the remainder of your insurance benefits with little cost to you, and then start fresh in 2017 with next year’s insurance benefits in the event you need additional dental work.

These benefits belong to you. If you let them expire, you risk paying more out of pocket next year if any dental work needs to be completed.

Call Esthetic Reflections in Dentistry today at 916-983-6051 to schedule your appointment, and make sure that you use up those dental benefits before they reset on January 1st.