What is MI Paste?

MI Paste is a water-based, sugar-free cream that comes in a tube like toothpaste. It restores the oral mineral imbalances that cause demineralization by replacing minerals while improving saliva flow and fluoride absorption, as well as soothing sensitive surfaces. When applied directly to your teeth, it can help condition, protect and rebuild your teeth’s surface. It has been found to help patients who have a high incidence of dental decay.

What dental conditions can MI Paste help remedy?
* Alleviating dry mouth caused by certain medications and medical treatments
* Reducing high oral acid levels from excessive soft-drink consumption
* Helping with tooth sensitivity before or after professional cleaning
* Buffering acids produced by oral bacteria and plaque
* Preventing white spot lesions that can occur during orthodontic treatment
* Providing a topical coating to ease suffering from acid erosion and help with caries control

MI paste is very easy to apply. It is recommended to use it at night after brushing. Take a small pea-sized dab of paste on your finger or a cotton swab and rub the paste over your teeth’s surface. Do not rinse for three minutes so the paste can absorb into the surface of your teeth.

For more information regarding the benefits of MI paste, ask one of our hygienists at your next dental cleaning or click on the following link.