Just a few days ago, we posted about smile makeovers, and how there is technically no such thing as a “true” smile makeover, but that it is a popular marketing term for a series of cosmetic treatments designed to give you more confidence in the look of your smile.

At Esthetic Reflections in Dentistry, we’re not always fond of some of the marketing terms they use, but we are fond of the idea – that sometimes there are procedures that will help you overhaul your smile so that you’re happier with the results.

But we’d like to emphasize that here in our office, we don’t just view smile makeovers as a cosmetic term. Indeed, Dr. Chen is known for his work with complex cases and his experience with BOTH cosmetic and general dentistry. That is why, for us, some of our smile makeovers have little to do with cosmetics at all. We frequently perform “smile makeovers” that look at the function of your smile, not its looks.

What is a Functional Smile Makeover?

Many times, a smile makeover is needed not because it is wanted cosmetically, but because the patient shows dental issues, such as teeth that are out of alignment, broken teeth, or problematic gums. These issues are dental concerns first, cosmetic concerns second. For example, a patient may have a narrow mouth that causes crowding and a tongue that is too large, causing sleep apnea. They may have cosmetic issues they want to address as well, but it is their dental issues that bring them to our office.

Our version of smile makeovers can focus on addressing these dental health issues, giving you a healthier smile before we worry about a cosmetic change. We’ll also look at what makes the most sense cosmetically, but your dental health will be our top priority.

Dr. Chen – An Expert at Complex Cases

Dr. Chen is a general and cosmetic dentist that is trained in complex cases – the very cases that require smile makeovers. Dr. Chen is happy to assist you with cosmetic concerns, but we believe that it is more important to provide high quality dental care, rather than focus on marketing terms like “smile makeover.”

We are here for you. If you have any concerns with your smile, cosmetic or functional, give us a call today and Dr. Chen and his team will be here to help.