Dental anxiety is extremely common. Although we make every effort to help create a fun, relaxing, pain free experience, we have seen how some of our patients come in feeling tense and overwhelmed, as though they are about to experience something upsetting.

We’ll explore the causes of dental anxiety in a future blog topic, but we wanted to let you know about what’s known as “sedation dentistry.” Sedation dentistry utilizes safe, medicinal sedation to make the experience of seeing the dentist far more pleasurable. With sedation dentistry, you are awake and conscious throughout the entire procedure, but you are in such a relaxed state that you wake up feeling rested as though nothing occurred at all.

And because Dr. Chen and Dr. Skelton are both highly trained dentists, there is unlikely to be any pain or discomfort once the sedation wears off. Come to the dentist, get treated, and leave with a happier smile all without any anxiety or discomfort. Perfect for all types of procedures – including cosmetic dentistry.

We know you may have questions and we have answers. Contact Esthetic Reflections today for more information, or to inquire about scheduling our sedation dentistry in Sacramento County.