It happens to most parents. You want to care for your child’s teeth, but you also do not want to take them out of school to get to their dental appointment, and the older your child gets the more missing a day becomes problematic for their ability to keep up with school work.

But it is the end of May. Some schools have ended, while other schools are in the final days. If you’ve been putting off your child’s dentist visit, now is the absolute best time to schedule your appointment – and for more reasons than you may think!

Why You Should Schedule Your Child’s Dental Care for Summer

That is always a good time to schedule a child’s dental care. But summer is a great time – and not only because there is more time available. Some of the benefits of scheduling in summer include:

  • Easier Scheduling – Monday through Friday, 9am to 6pm. You and your child can schedule a time that works not only for their schedule, but also for yours. No longer will you have to worry about when you can get off work, as you’ll be able to find an appointment around your schedule.
  • Time for Follow Ups – It’s not just the initial appointment either. If your child has need for any follow up visits you may need. For example, if your child is a candidate for braces or a root canal, there is plenty of time to make sure that your child is finished with the treatment before school starts again.
  • Summer Sweets – Your child will be eating a lot of popsicles and sugars and other foods this summer when they’re home feeding themselves. Cleaning their teeth beforehand ensures less risk for cavities.
  • 6 Month Appointments – It is recommended that you receive your dental care every 6 months. Six months from summer falls almost directly in line with the November/December holiday season, when many find it easier to find days off.

As a family dentist, Esthetic Reflections in Dentistry would love to see your children – and you! – over the next warm summer months. Once your child has finished the educational year, schedule an appointment for them to come see our wonderful dental team.