The Healthy Smiles Savings Program

Alternative to Dental Insurance w/Esthetic Reflections in Dentistry

We consider ourselves a dental community here at Esthetic Reflections in Dentistry. Many of our patients have been with us for years, and we’re so happy to have had a chance to get to know each and every one of you as people, not just patients.

It is because of our loyal patients and friends that we are excited to announce the launch of our Healthy Smiles Savings Plan – a combination loyalty program and discount dental insurance alternative to help our patients save money and still receive the care they need for their teeth.


What is the Healthy Smiles Savings Program?

The Healthy Smiles Savings Program was designed for the uninsured, those interested in saving money on all their dental care, or those looking for a more cost effective alternative without all the rules. It is also for those that are looking to save money on general AND cosmetic dental care. Our Healthy Smiles program is an annual membership that is cheaper than dental insurance and covers 100% of the costs of most routine dental care.

For $399 for one full year (the equivalent of only ~$34 per month), patients are able to receive:

  • 2 Routine, Professional Dental Cleanings
  • 2 Fluoride Treatments
  • 1 Annual Exam w/Digital X-rays
  • 15% off ALL Additional Dental Work – Including Cosmetic
  • 10% Off Invisalign

There are no claim forms, no annual maximums, no deductibles, and no waiting periods. In addition, the 1 year starts at your first appointment and does not expire for 12 months. So even if you start midway through the year, you will continue to be able to receive your care into the following year.

Additional family members can also sign up for added discounts, with $369 for spouses and $369 for all children under 26. And the start of each patient’s year begins at their first appointment as well.

How Does This Compare To Dental Insurance?

Most dental insurance starts at $65 per month (with some as high as $100+, the equivalent of $1200 per year), doesn’t cover 100% of all routine dentistry, may not allow you to receive care for 6 months, and benefits/flex spending expire on December 31st no matter when you buy your insurance.

For those that pay for their insurance separately or those considering cosmetic dentistry, the Healthy Smiles Savings Program can save you hundreds of dollars.

Find Out More About Our Healthy Smiles Savings Plan

We are so excited to be able to offer our patients old and new access to our Healthy Smiles Savings Plan, and we hope it will encourage you to continue to care for your teeth and smile. We know you likely have questions, so please call us today at Esthetic Reflections in Dentistry Phone Number 916-983-6051 to learn more about our program, or to speak with our front office about enrollment.

READY TO SIGN UP? Please feel free and download our brochure, which you can print yourself and bring to the office or wait to fill out when you get here. The brochure can be downloaded by clicking here.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: I already have dental insurance through my work. How would I benefit from this program?
A: Unfortunately, the program cannot be used in conjunction with dental insurance, so if you currently have insurance it may have to wait until a future date.

We designed this program to help our patients save money. If you already have dental insurance covered by your workplace, you may not need the loyalty program for your general dentistry. But if you are currently paying out of your paycheck (or you do not currently have insurance), this program represent a worthwhile alternative.

It is especially beneficial if you plan to receive any cosmetic dentistry treatments – for example, Porcelain Veneers – the 15% savings with our Healthy Smiles program can save you much more than the $399 cost.

In addition, you would be able to receive an additional 2 cleanings, fluoride treatments, etc. Perfect for those that want to take extra care of their teeth without being penalized by their dental insurance.

Q: Can I use this at another dental offices?
A: No. We designed the Healthy Smiles Savings Plan for those that want to see Dr. Skelton, Dr. Chen, Dr. Bernadett, and the rest of our team. It is our way of helping those that already planned to visit our office, or are planning to become new long term patients.

Q: Do my family members also receive 15% off?
A: Every family member that enrolls in the program also gets 15% off of any dental care.

Q: What if I don’t use all of the benefits?
A: We do have an “expiration date” of 12 months because we want to encourage our patients to receive the cleanings and care they need, as it also helps reduce costs for the patient in the future as well. But remember that your benefits don’t expire for 12 months after your first appointment. So you have plenty of time to use them up. Our team will also send you gentle reminders once in a while if you haven’t received your dental care.

Q: I think I may need fillings, which aren’t covered by the program. Won’t that make it expensive?
A: We do our best to offer affordable dental care for Folsom, El Dorado Hills, Granite Bay and the surrounding areas whenever we can, and the 15% discounts will help reduce out of pocket costs, so that if you do need additional dental care it will still be less than comparable forms of dental insurance.

For more information about our Healthy Smiles Savings Program or to schedule a consultation, please call our Folsom office at Esthetic Reflections in Dentistry Phone Number 916-983-6051. We'd love to hear from you!
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