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How a Simple Teeth Cleaning Can Reduce Bad Breath

The scent of our breath projects more than what we ate in the day. It tells us about our health as well. That is why, for so many of us here in Folsom, struggling with bad breath is our biggest nightmare. All of us want to make sure that when we are chatting with someone they are able to focus on our words, not our odors.

If you are someone that struggles with bad breath – also known as halitosis – chances are it is one of your biggest sources of stress. It may be time to consider talking to a dentist.

More Than a Mint: How We Treat Halitosis

The instinct when struggling with bad breath is to pop a breath mint in our mouths and hope that it masks the smell. But breath mints do not solve the problem. They simply hide it in the short term.

Instead of loading your pockets with mints, it may be time to schedule an appointment with Dr. George Chen here at Esthetic Reflections in Dentistry. Most cases of bad breath can be mitigated or eliminated with only one treatment here in our offices.

Our best defense against halitosis is simply your basic teeth cleaning. Many cases of bad breath come from the buildup of oral bacteria in and around the teeth, gums, and tongue. When we clean your teeth, we eliminate this stored bacteria, which then gives your mouth a much healthier smell. If your  bad breath is related to tooth decay, dry mouth, gum disease, or other oral conditions, we can assist there as well.

In addition, when the cause of bad breath is unrelated to oral health, such as:

  • GERD/Acid Reflux
  • Tonsil Stones
  • Smoking

We’ll at least be able to make sure that you have everything you need to continue to fight your bad breath, and we’ll let you know what you should consider for next steps.

Call Esthetic Reflections in Dentistry Today

No one wants to struggle with bad breath. If you find that you consistently have an odor in your breath that you want to address, give us a call today at 916-983-6051 and let’s schedule an appointment to see if we can find the cause of your bad breath.

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Why Choose Your General Dentist for Your Invisalign Treatment?


Dr. Chen has received extensive training in the field of dentistry. He is one of the few dentists in Folsom that provides both general and cosmetic dentistry, and many patients are referred to Dr. Chen for his knowledge and experience with what’s known as “complex cases.” Complex clinical cases are dentistry that requires more specialized needs than the typical general dentist can provide.

It is this experience that allows Dr. Chen and Esthetic Reflections the ability to offer Invisalign – the clear braces that are very popular for straightening crooked teeth.

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Benefits of Invisalign for Adults in Folsom, CA

No one should feel they have to hide their smile. But traditional metal braces are associated with the young. Many adults struggle not only with cosmetic issues, but also occlusion, recession, and more. That is why Invisalign has quickly become the more popular braces option for those that need help with their alignment.

Invisalign is an effective way to straighten teeth. Although traditional metal braces can also be effective – especially for more complex cases – Invisalign has additional benefits that make it a smart choice for adults. These benefits include:

  • Professional and Hidden – Your dental health should never take a backseat to your professional growth. Yet those that work in more formal positions tend to find that they are concerned about the way they will be viewed professionally if their colleagues see them with braces. Since Invisalign is clear, you won’t have to feel self-conscious or be as concerned about your career.
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Our Year in Review: 2017 at Esthetic Reflections in Dentistry

It’s almost here. 2018 is going to bring many changes to the team here at Esthetic Reflections in Dentistry, both personally and professionally. Over the next few months, we will continue to make announcements into the exciting new technologies, people, and services that we are able to provide our patients here in Folsom.

But before we do, it’s always fun to reflect on the previous year. 2017 was an eventful and meaningful year here at our Folsom dental office. Below are some of the many changes and experiences that we enjoyed over the past 12 months.
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Non-Hygienic Causes of Tooth Pain

There are many different kinds of pain. There is back pain. There is head pain. There is even emotional pain. But for many, there is nothing quite as disruptive as tooth pain.

Teeth have highly sensitive nerves. When those nerves are irritated, for any reason, the pain they cause can be severe. Tooth pain is one of the motivators that gets people to see a dentist, and for good reason. Most forms of tooth pain are preventable with good dental hygiene.
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How to Get Your Child to Love the Dentist

Dentists do not bite. We care about the health of your bite, but we do not bite you ourselves. Yet there is no denying that some people are simply scared of the dentist. We do our best to be pain free, and we will always go out of our way to make sure your experience is pleasant, but the fear is still there.

It’s a fear that usually starts in childhood. Most children have no problems with the dentist. Some even like the dentist, because their teeth feel fun and clean afterwards (and they get a little treat as well). Yet, over time, their comfort becomes a fear that lasts well into adulthood.
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DENTAL ANXIETY: Consider Sedation Dentistry

It’s not always clear why some people fear the dentist. Maybe it’s the chairs. Maybe it’s the lights. Maybe it’s the sounds. Maybe it’s the fear of needles…..

Whatever the reason may be, there are many men and women in Folsom that avoid the dentist out of fear. As dentists, that hurts us in two ways:

  • First, we’re not THAT scary.
  • Second, dental health is critical for physical health.

Oral care has a direct relationship with longevity, health, and quality of life. We want to help you care for your teeth so that you can enjoy each and every day. That’s why it’s so important you see a dentist regularly.
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To All of Our Patients: Thank You

We are pleased to announce that Dr. Chen and Esthetic Reflections in Dentistry were given the Reader’s Choice award for Best Dentist for the 9th year in a row by Style Magazine. It is genuinely one of our greatest honors to be nominated, and to win again is something very special.

But while we’re honored to win this type of award, what we are most thankful for is you. You, our patients, have always been our greatest reward. You come into the office every day with a smile, and you leave us with a bigger one. You recommend us to your friends and family, and you care enough to vote for us even though we know you have a busy schedule.

So thank you, from all of us at Esthetic Reflections in Dentistry. You are why we are here, and we’ll continue to try to earn our spot – not only with Style Magazine, but also with you.
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3 Months Left! Have You Used Your Insurance Benefits?

We are nearing the end of the year. The leaves are turning orange. The weather is starting to cool from 110 degrees to a frigid 95 degrees. Football season has started. 2018 is right around the corner.

Which brings us back to insurance benefits. Dental insurance and flex spending plans are some of the only types of insurance that expire. Dental insurance and flex spending are “use it or lose it,” where every year, usually on January 1st, all of the money set aside for your dental care resets. It doesn’t roll over, and you can never see or use those benefits again.
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What Carivu Sees That X-rays D Not

X-Rays are a standard part of general dentistry. Every few years, or whenever we have a concern, we perform an X-ray of your teeth to look for cavities and signs of decay that may have changed since the last time you had your teeth checked. It’s a common practice that we use here at Esthetic Reflections in Dentistry.

But we’ve also integrated a new technology into our repertoire – one that is very new to dentistry but could be exactly what you need for a happier, healthier smile. It’s known as CariVu, a type of “transillumination” technology. It is placed on each tooth, and is able to light up the tooth much like an X-ray, but with a brighter and more visible light.
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