Thousands of men and women in Folsom and Sacramento suffer from dry mouth. Medically referred to as “xerostomia,” dry mouth occurs when your mouth is not making enough saliva, leading to an unusual “dry” sensation that is not only uncomfortable – it may be harmful to your oral health.

Saliva plays an important role in several important dental and bodily functions:

  • Saliva is capable of eliminating some harmful bacteria in your mouth and food.
  • Saliva removes food from teeth and gums, and aids in mouth hygiene.
  • Saliva provides important minerals for your teeth.

Saliva is also the first part of the digestion process and begins breaking down food, and it keeps your mouth wet and moist, which makes it more comfortable to talk and breath.

Why Treat Dry mouth?

Dry mouth itself may be caused by several medications, anxiety and stress, malfunctioning of the salivary gland, or by several rare illnesses and disorders.

But no matter the cause of dry mouth, treating dry mouth is often a priority for your oral health. Dry mouth can lead to sore throat, infection, burning sensations, tooth decay, and several other oral health issues, especially when left untreated.

At Esthetic Reflections, one of the most effective dry mouth treatments we offer is a solution known as NeutralSal – a rinse available only by prescription that is effective at treating dry mouth and improving oral health.

What is NeutralSal?

NeutraSal is a simple, easy to use rinse that is specifically designed to combat dry mouth, no matter the cause. NeutraSal is capable of:

  • Moistening the mouth.
  • Fighting bacteria.
  • Repairing oral tissues.
  • Supporting tooth structure.

It is able to relieve symptoms of dry mouth and make it easier for you to talk, eat, drink, and swallow, all with no anticipated side effects.

Contact Esthetic Reflections Today for Dry Mouth Treatment

Based in Folsom, Esthetic Reflections in Dentistry is happy to take a look at your dry mouth issue, and see if NeutralSal is an effective option to improve your mouth comfort and oral health. If you’d like a consultation to learn more about this prescription rinse, contact us today at 916-983-6051.