Hello everyone ! This is Dr. El-Maasri from Esthetic Reflections in Dentistry.  I recently saw one of my patients that had not heard of Invisalign.  It really made me wonder, “How can I get the word out to everyone about the benefits of Invisalign?”  So, I decided to write a blog about Invisalign to share with you.

Invisalign is, in a sense, clear braces.  It allows  for slow gradual movement of your teeth.  Invisalign consists of clear aligners (sort of like a whitening tray that is made up of a less flexible material).  Every 2 weeks you will take out the old aligners and place the new aligners in your mouth.   Your case is set up with the end result in mind – meaning that we will be able to determine at the beginning where we want your final alignment to be after Invisalign is completed and we plan your trays/case accordingly.

Benefits to Invisalign:

  • Clear braces.  People will have a hard time knowing that you have braces on!
  • Removing them when eating.  You don’t have to worry about food being stuck on your brackets and wires.  You simply remove them when you eat, then put them back in when you are done.
  • Less dental appointments.  You will have the next set of aligners at home so every 2 weeks you will be able to put on the new aligners without making a dental appointment.
  • Easier to keep teeth clean.  Anyone who has had traditional braces knows the difficulty in flossing under wires and between brackets.  With Invisalign, you remove your aligners and floss normally between teeth.
  • Removing the aligners on special occasions. If a patient has a wedding, conference or a big occasion to attend, he/she can choose to remove the aligner for the day and not have anything in their mouth.  Traditional braces cannot be removed by the patient for special occasions.
  • Adjustment period is much faster.  Patients have a much easier time adjusting to Invisalign then traditional braces.  No worries with wires cutting your cheeks or brackets cutting your lips.
  • Some insurances will help pay for a portion of your treatment.

Are you interested in Invisalign?  Are you a candidate for clear braces?  Call our office for a consultation and I will be happy to review your specific case and answer your questions

If you would like more information, please click on the Invisalign tab under cosmetic services on this website, or go directly to Invisalign.com.

Take care,

Dr. El-Maasri