Tooth loss happens. Sometimes it’s a single tooth that falls out. Other times it’s a series of teeth that have all had to be removed over the course of your life. In the past, the best way to replace those teeth was with dentures. But dental technology has changed considerably, and while dentures are still a great option for missing teeth, they are not the only one.

Dental Implants for Lost Teeth

Ideally, the best way to replace a missing tooth is with a dental implant. Dental implants are, as the name implies, a type of replacement tooth that is implanted directly into the jaw bone. This makes it as strong, functional, and reliable as a real tooth.

But dental implants are not right for everyone. You have to have an extremely healthy jaw bone, for example, which not all patients have – especially as they get older. Multiple implants close together can also be difficult and have complications.

For individual missing teeth, dentures, bridges, and implants are all worth consideration. But when you’re missing multiple teeth, one new option you my want to consider is implant supported dentures – a great combination of dentures and implants.

With implant supported dentures, you use one dental implant to support multiple missing teeth via a removable, but otherwise firmly in place denture. Advantages of this approach include:

  • Ability to remove and clean the implant.
  • Healthy, strong bites no matter what you’re eating.
  • No visible dentures, nor a risk of them falling out.
  • No adhesive.
  • Better for maintain teeth structure and health.

Implant supported dentures in Folsom offer a unique and effective way to address multiple missing teeth.

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