Dr. Chen of Esthetic Reflections in Dentistry is certified to provide oral conscious sedation, a type of dentistry that makes it so that patients with anxiety or low pain tolerance can relax and feel as though they “woke up” with the procedure over. Sedation dentistry is growing in popularity, especially as more and more of those in the Greater Sacramento area start to prioritize their oral health and their smile.

The value of oral conscious sedation is that it takes a lot of the stress and tension away from the patient. It is safe, simple, and under the supervision of Dr. Chen can ensure that you receive the dental care you need. But it does still require sedation, which means that it is important to know how and what to prepare to make sure that your care goes smoothly.

The following are some basic guidelines for oral sedation dentistry preparation, but please remember to talk to Dr. Chen and Esthetic Reflections for specific instructions.

Sedation Dentistry Preparation Tips

  • Plan a Ride – You should not be expected to drive before or after the sedatives, so make sure you have a trusted ride available that will be able to take you home and make sure that you’re adjusting. Even as the sedative wears off, you may still feel a bit tired and it may take time to adjust to feeling back to normal. You may also want to take most of the rest of the day off to help regain your alertness.
  • Ask About Eating and Drinking – With IV sedation, eating or drinking before the procedure is not necessarily recommended. But with oral conscious sedation, it may be acceptable. Talk to Dr. Chen about whether or not you can eat or drink, especially if you have any dietary requirements.
  • Be Comfortable – You are unlikely to have much trouble walking after it is over, but it is a good idea to be comfortable anyway. Wear comfortable clothing, avoid heels (as it may be easier to trip and fall), and make sure that you’re feeling ready for the procedure.
  • Ask About Medications and Avoid Non-Prescription Drugs – Some medications may interact with sedation dentistry, so make sure that you talk to Dr. Chen about every single medication that you’re taking, including vitamin supplements and natural medicine. You should also avoid smoking, alcohol use, and any illicit drugs.

Sedation Dentistry is Safe – But Care is Needed

Part of qualifying for sedation dentistry involves a complete understanding of the preparation tips that Dr. Chen provides to you. Make sure that you follow each one exactly as it is described. Sedation dentistry is an exciting way to make sure that you’re comfortable throughout your dental procedures and able to get the care you need. Let Esthetic Reflections in Dentistry be the team that provides it for you.

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