At Esthetic Reflections in Dentistry, we know that not all of our patients are taking the best possible care of their oral health, and that’s okay. But dental health is not only about your teeth. Proper dental care can reduce the amount of bacteria and pathogens you swallow, strengthening your immune system and improving your physical health as well. Oral healthcare really is so important.

So, maybe you need to improve how you care for your teeth. But how do you do that without it feeling like a tremendous inconvenience?

Tips to Make Oral Hygiene Easier

  • Have a 2 Minute Song or Video

It takes time to brush your teeth – an average of 2 minutes each time you brush, according to the ADA. Most people brush for 30 seconds or less. Consider watching a short YouTube video or listening to a short 2 minute song while you brush. That way, brushing your teeth won’t feel as long.

  • Have New Brushes at the Ready

The bristles of toothbrushes tend to break down over time, leading to a less efficient clean. You’re advised to replace your toothbrush every 3 to 4 months, but as many as 75% of patients continue using the same brush or brush head. Simply placing your “next” brush in a place that is easy to grab will increase your chances of switching the new brush when you need to.

  • Schedule Your Dental Appointments Early

Most people wait anywhere from 2 to 4 years in between dental appointments, despite an ADA recommendation of 3 to 6 months. Schedule your appointments early, at times that are convenient, and place them on your calendar so that you don’t find yourself forgetting to call for your cleaning.

  • Keep Your Floss Out/Use Sticks

Most patients say they floss once in a while. Very few do. But when we talk to patients, we know that they are willing to floss, they simply put it off. To increase your chances of flossing, keep it in a visible, easy to reach area and consider floss sticks if you’re uncomfortable with string floss. Also, you can combine flossing with the video watching or music that you use to make sure you brush for 2 minutes.

Oral Hygiene is Easier Than You Think

Taking care of your teeth is more about routine than anything else. If you’re able to take the time to build and grow that habit, and integrate these small changes into your schedule, eventually it will become a regular part of your day. If you’re ready to schedule your next dental appointment, call us today at 916-983-6051.