You may not have heard about Align Technologies, but you have likely heard of their best known product. Align is the company that developed Invisalign, the first clear alternative to braces that use transparent plastic aligners to straighten teeth instead of visible and uncomfortable metal braces.

Invisalign is their top product. But it is not their only product. They also developed a very popular tool that we use here in our Folsom office, called the iTero Intraoral 3D Scanner. This scanner makes dental visits more comfortable and convenient, including the start of your Invisalign treatment. As always, if you’re interested in Invisalign, contact Dr. George Chen today at 916-983-6051.

How the iTero Intraoral Scanner Works

One of our patients’ least favorite activities is placing their mouth in those chalky tasting impressions. Sometimes it is necessary – there are treatments that simply benefit from an impression – but, when possible, most patients prefer to avoid it.

The iTero scanner is a new and exciting technology that acts as an alternative to dental impressions. The scanner is placed in the mouth, and then digitally captures a 3D impression of everything from the teeth to the gums using a safe laser and high end optical technology that is free of radiation. The entire process takes only a few minutes.

Benefits of the scanner include:

  • No difficult and foul tasting dental impressions.
  • No re-taking the dental impressions from a mistake.
  • Can be stopped and started as many times as needed (in case you need to swallow, or cough).
  • Faster results, as the images are immediately available for processing.

Although developed by Align Technologies, the iTero scanner can be used to replace impressions for bridges, crowns, replacement teeth, and so much more.

But it can also be used with Invisalign. In fact, using the iTero scanner speeds up the Invisalign ordering process, so that you can also start treating your teeth faster. It will also give you an opportunity to view a digital impression of your teeth, so that you can better see the progress when the treatment is completed.

Overall, the iTero Scanner makes it easier and more comfortable to start your Invisalign treatment, and starts your treatment faster for straighter teeth in a bit less time.

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