It is so important to make sure you pick the right dentist for you or your family. There are vast differences in the quality of dental care, and the more you trust your mouth to someone that has the right experience and training, the more you can avoid complications and maintain a smile that is properly cared for.

Dr. George Chen was voted “Best Dentist” by Style Magazine readers 8 years in a row and is known for his talents as a skilled general dentist in Folsom, CA. If you are looking for a new general dentist for your oral healthcare needs, call Esthetic Reflections today.

Our General Dentistry Services in Folsom

General dentistry is the dental care focused on your teeth, your gums, and your general oral health. Dr. George Chen has received extensive training in the most up-to-date and detailed techniques and offers advanced imaging and technology to ensure the best possible care. Some of our many general dentistry services include:

  • Teeth Cleanings and X-Rays
  • Dental Fillings and Dental Sealants
  • Gum Disease Laser Therapy
  • Oral Cancer Screenings
  • Dentures, Crowns, and Bridges
  • Root Canals and Tooth Extractions
  • Dental Implants and More

Dr. Chen has become well known for his outstanding quality care here in Folsom. But beyond that, the entire team at Esthetic Reflections genuinely wants you to feel like you’re a part of our family.

We are not only looking to improve your dental health. We want you to enjoy coming to the dentist, with options such as sedation dentistry for those with dental anxiety, cookies and coffee in the waiting room for those with a sweet tooth, and a team that would love to get to know you and your family as people, not just patients.

A Dentist in Folsom for Men and Women of All Ages

Dr. Chen is Folsom’s leader in Senior Dentistry, able to work with complex cases, and he is a very popular choice for kids as well. As a family dentist, Dr. Chen is here to work with children and adults, developing relationships that last for years.

If you are looking for a new dentist and are ready to get started, contact Esthetic Reflections in Dentistry today by calling 916-983-6051, or clicking on the “Request an Appointment” button below to schedule your booking.