Most of our dental hygiene habits we learn in our youth. From brushing to flossing to the willingness to receive dental care, these behaviors are taught at a young age and grow with your child as they get older. Get your child’s 2017 off to the right start by booking an appointment for a cleaning and checkup today.

The Benefits of Good Dental Hygiene – and Dangers of Bad Dental Hygiene

It’s easy to forget about your child’s teeth, especially since new ones seem to fall out every month. But caring for your child’s teeth is just as important for baby teeth as it is for adults, possibly more so. In addition to developing healthy habits, which will aid them in caring for their teeth in the future, childhood dental health has many benefits, including:

  • Baby Tooth Decay and Adult Teeth – If your child’s teeth suffer from tooth decay, that decay can spread to the adult teeth beneath (and growing within).
  • Swallowing Bacteria – Dental hygiene helps eliminate harmful bacteria. Poor dental care can cause your child to swallow some of this harmful bacteria, which may affect their health.
  • Catching Problems Early – Children’s teeth are at greater risk for decay, and when they decay they can decay quickly. Catching it early will help avoid any problematic tooth pain.

Yet perhaps more important is simply showing your child how important it is for him/her to care for their teeth and gums. The time you spend right now teaching them the importance of flossing, brushing, and good dental hygiene, the better they will care for their adult teeth in the future.

Let this National Children’s Dental Health Month be the month where you prioritize training your child on good dental hygiene, and don’t forget to book their appointment – and yours – with Dr. Chen or Dr. Skelton today.