Sedation Dentistry in Folsom

Finally Relax at the Dentist Again

Regular dental care is crucial for having healthy teeth and gums. But for thousands of people in Folsom, Sacramento, El Dorado Hills, Granite Bay, Rancho Cordova, and across Northern California, a fear of the dentist can make it very difficult to seek out that crucial dental care.


Esthetic Reflections is Folsom is happy to be able to offer what’s known as “Sedation Dentistry” as a solution to help reduce your dental fears. Sedation dentistry uses gentle, safe medicine that sedates the patient and makes it easier for them to feel comfortable in the dentist’s chair. If you’d like to learn more about sedation dentistry, please feel free and call us at any time at Esthetic Reflections in Dentistry Phone Number 916-983-6051.

How Does Sedation Dentistry Work?

There are many different types of sedation dentistry, and Dr. Chen will work with your medical history and fear levels to decide what is best as a patient. Options include:

  • Oral Sedation Dentistry – A safe medicine is provided for use at home. After taking the medicine, the patient is brought to the dentist with a companion, and the dental procedures can begin once they arrive.
  • Inhaled Minimal Sedation – A safe gas is administered to the patient in the dentist’s chair. The gas will help the patient feel very relaxed, and make it easier for them to receive treatment.
  • Deep Sedation – If the patient is going to be more comfortable asleep during the procedure and other methods have failed, traditional general anesthesia may be administered by a trained professional.

Dr. Chen has been extensively trained by the Dental Organization for Conscious Sedation (DOCS) in safe and effective sedation dentistry, paying special attention to the needs of the patient and making sure it is the most comfortable procedure possible.

Dr. Chen prescribes a safe prescription medicine at night, then another one to take an hour before the procedure. Patient is monitored throughout to determine if it is the right amount for their anxiety levels. The patient will also receive nitrous gas (very safe) if necessary, and you are always connected to a machine that will monitor your heart rate and blood pressure for extra safety.

In many cases, the patient will leave sedation dentistry with little to no memory of the procedure, with cleaner teeth and a happier smile after their dental work is completed.

Everyone’s fear level is different. If you are someone that has struggled to see the dentist due to a serious fear of dental care, please give us a call at Esthetic Reflections in Dentistry Phone Number 916-983-6051. We will gladly inform you of the process, talk to you about your medical history, fears, and needs, and see if this is the right choice for you.

For more information about Sedation Dentistry or to schedule a consultation, please call our Folsom office at Esthetic Reflections in Dentistry Phone Number 916-983-6051. We'd love to hear from you!
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