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Dental science has improved considerably. For those that struggle with gum disease in Folsom, we now have far more advanced technology to help heal and repair gums in a way that is less painful, faster, and more effective than ever before.

One of the latest technologies is a laser therapy for gum disease. This laser treatment is highly effective at clearing out infected gums, without

How Does Laser Therapy for Periodontal Disease Work?

Laser therapy is an alternative to what is often more invasive or uncomfortable forms of dental surgery. In the past, Dr. Skelton, Dr. Chen and Dr. Bernadett would use a scalpel to cut into the gums, similar to other forms of surgery.

But now, they can use a safe, high powered laser to access some of the infected gums, eliminating the inflamed tissue without a scalpel and allowing the dentist to then go directly to the infected root and complete the surgery.

Benefits of Laser Therapy for Gum Disease

Laser therapy is a highly effective method of treating gum disease, and our team uses it to make sure that every area of infect tissue is addressed. But it not only benefits dentists – it benefits patients as well, with advantages that include:

  • Reduced Pain and Bleeding – Lasers allow for easier targeting of the gums, and less need for large cuts. This, in turn, means that the gum disease treatment may have little to no bleeding, especially when compared to a scalpel treatment, and it is less likely to swell after the procedure, which would otherwise lead to pain and sensitivity.
  • Less Discomfort – While you’re in the chair, laser therapy for gum disease will provide less discomfort. There are no drill or drilling noises, no vibrations, no discomfort that comes from swallowing blood, and more. The procedure is a lot less stressful for our patients.
  • Reduced Risk of Infection – According to research, because laser therapy requires fewer open wounds, there is also less risk of any infection to complicate the healing process.
  • Less Anesthesia – These procedures are less likely to be painful. This, in turn, means that your dentists do not have to use as much anesthesia. For those with a fear of needles, often a simple anesthetic spray can be used in place of other numbing agents.
  • Faster Healing – As a result of this type of procedure, the gums start to heal immediately after the therapy is over. This faster healing process means that your mouth with look and feel back to normal in far less time and with less risk of complications.

These are only some of the many benefits that both research and our patients report experiencing with this new form of laser treatment for gum disease.

Ask About Laser Therapy for Dental Health in Folsom, CA

Here at Esthetic Reflections in Dentistry in Folsom, our number one goal is your dental hygiene, and our number 2 goal is your comfort in the procedure. For those struggling with gum disease, laser therapy is often an effective, easily tolerated, comfortable treatment that can help us thoroughly address your oral health. For more information, please call our Folsom dentist office today at Esthetic Reflections in Dentistry Phone Number 916-983-6051.

For more information about Gum Disease Laser Therapy or to schedule a consultation, please call our Folsom office at Esthetic Reflections in Dentistry Phone Number 916-983-6051. We'd love to hear from you!
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