Caries Risk Assessment | Now Standard in Hygiene Visits

There are many different types of dental problems, from cracked teeth to gingivitis and more. But the most common issue we see with teeth are dental caries – more commonly referred to as cavities. Over 90% of all adults have had dental caries at some point in their life, requiring a filling. The earlier the cavity is caught and the faster it is treated, the less likely it will progress into more significant problems.

Our Caries Risk Assessment Service

Traditionally, dentists examined your teeth, found caries, and treated them with a filling. But for both dentists and their patients, it is important to do more than that – to gain a better understand of YOUR risk of cavities – not just the cavities you have but the risk factors that may mean more cavities will develop in the future.

We have begun to add caries risk assessments into most first hygiene treatments, so that we can not only treat caries, but also see if you are at risk for new ones to form. This is recorded during the evaluation process using a risk assessment tool. The tool analyzes your risk for caries, looking at clinical conditions, general health, present dental health, and more. Risk factors include:

  • Poor Oral Hygiene with Visible Plaque
  • High Titers of Cariogenic Bacteria
  • Poor Personal or Familial Dental History
  • Prolonged Nursing (Bottle or Breast)
  • Teeth or Mouth Abnormality
  • Presence or History of Eating Disorders
  • Usage of Tobacco, Drug, or Alcohol
  • High Sugar Diet and More

These are only some of the many factors that go into determining your caries risk. Once we’ve made that determination, we’ll categorize you into low, medium or high risk, and provide you with next steps, whether it is an in-house treatment or something you can do at home to prevent the development of caries.

With this assessment, we can prevent cavities before they occur, save you money on fillings, and make sure that your smile is as healthy as possible.

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