It’s not always clear why some people fear the dentist. Maybe it’s the chairs. Maybe it’s the lights. Maybe it’s the sounds. Maybe it’s the fear of needles…..

Whatever the reason may be, there are many men and women in Folsom that avoid the dentist out of fear. As dentists, that hurts us in two ways:

  • First, we’re not THAT scary.
  • Second, dental health is critical for physical health.

Oral care has a direct relationship with longevity, health, and quality of life. We want to help you care for your teeth so that you can enjoy each and every day. That’s why it’s so important you see a dentist regularly.

Sedation Dentistry for Dental Anxiety

If you have a hard time coming in for dental appointments, we have a solution. Dr. Chen and his team use what is known as sedation dentistry to make the process easier. With sedation dentistry, we provide you with some light, safe sedatives that calm and relax your mood, so that you feel less anxious and more comfortable in the dental chair.

It’s safe, simple, and makes it easier to handle dental appointments. Sedation dentistry is a great way to make sure that you get the dental care you need to keep your teeth their best. For more information about sedation dentistry in Folsom, call Esthetic Reflections today.

Let’s Play a Game – Where Was Dr. Chen?

For those of you that stopped by the office for a dental cleaning in October or to steal our cookies (looking at you, Jared), you may have noticed that Dr. Chen was not around. That’s because he was involved with a wonderful charity known as Reel Recovery. Dr. Chen takes patients that are fighting battles with cancer out on the water to catch fish and share good times with each other.

They’re always accepting more volunteers if this sounds like something you’d enjoy. Visit their website at to learn more.