Teeth Whitening in Folsom | Brighten Your Smile

You can cut back on coffee and wine, brush your teeth regularly, and use tooth whitening toothpaste every day. But over time, the whiteness of your teeth will start to fade.

Take back your white teeth again with our affordable and effective tooth whitening service, where you can have your dream smile again in as little as two weeks.

Folsom Teeth Whitening at Esthetic Reflections

Esthetic Reflections is the Folsom leader in Cosmetic Dentistry, and one of our most popular services is our teeth whitening service. We offer custom tooth whitening to the Greater Sacramento area, with a safe and efficient whitening system that won’t hurt your gums, and can provide you with a near-brilliant smile.

With our teeth whitening system, we’ll create molds of your teeth that we will use to craft custom bleach splints. We then provide you with a medical grade dental bleaching agent. All you need to do is wear the bleaching agent a few hours per day for one or two weeks (depending on the extent of your discoloration), and you will have a much brighter smile that will last for years.

The bleaching agent is able to penetrate deep into your teeth – far more than over-the-counter bleaching agents – and is capable of removing tooth discoloration with less sensitivity. Our teeth whitening system works on men and women of all ages, and can handle all sorts of tooth discolorations, including:

  • Brown Teeth
  • Yellow Teeth
  • Spotted Teeth
  • Graying Teeth

The custom impression we use is capable of making sure that every single section of your teeth is made whiter, and allows the whitening agent to comfortably fit in your mouth.

Teeth Whitening in Folsom, Sacramento, El Dorado Hills and More

At Esthetic Reflections, we provide Folsom and the Greater Sacramento area with affordable and effective tooth whitening services. If you’re interested in learning more about our teeth whitening, contact us today at Esthetic Reflections in Dentistry Phone Number 916-983-6051.