Many teens and adults are familiar with Invisalign, and know them for their primary selling point – they are a clear alternative to traditional metal braces. That means they can go through their day without others knowing that they are wearing braces.

But what you may not know is that “clear braces” is only one of the reason that Invisalign is so popular. There are additional benefits that make them preferable to metal braces provided the patient is a candidate:

  • Removable for Eating – Invisalign is removed before eating, which means the patient has no food limitations while they are straightening their teeth.
  • Easy to Brush/Care for Teeth – It is often difficult to brush and floss with metal braces. With Invisalign, you can remove the aligner and brush with ease.
  • No Cuts and Scrapes – Metal braces tend to have wires that can cut into the sensitive skin inside of the mouth, especially when smiling and eating. Invisalign is smooth and causes no such issues.

While it is true that Invisalign is especially popular because of the clear braces, there are additional benefits to Invisalign that are often forgotten, and make it an even more worthwhile choice for those that qualify. If you would like to find out if you are a candidate for Invisalign in the Folsom and Sacramento County areas, please contact us today at 916-983-6051.