Folsom is a working community. There are many families here that find themselves very busy with work at places like Intel, the State of California, Kaiser, and more. It’s hard for people to find time to see the dentist, so when that time is available it becomes important to get all the treatment you need right away.

Dental crowns have always been one of the most important procedures that we perform in dentistry. But traditional crowns struggled with a problem that directly affected busy families: they required multiple dental visits, often spread several weeks apart. But now, Dr. Skelton and Dr. Chen are able to offer same day dental crowns using the state of the art CEREC CAD/CAM System, and it’s changing how patients are able to receive treatment.

What Are Same Day Crowns?

Not long ago, crowns needed to be crafted by a third party, so your dentist would prepare your teeth, fit you with a temporary crown, send the data about your dental requirements to another company, wait until the crown arrived, and then call you back in for a visit to install the crown.

The process usually took about two weeks. Temporary crowns were an annoying inconvenience, and patients would need to be available right away to make sure that the crown could be fitted before the temporary crown fell off. But with CEREC, the machine is able to used CAD technology to create a tooth while you wait. Dr. Skelton or Dr. Chen take your measurements and data, program it into the machine, and the machine creates a permanent crown in hours instead of weeks.

Why Are Same Day Crowns Important?

For the dentist, same day crowns make sure that your procedure is completed to the best of our ability in the shortest amount of time, which helps streamline the process and ensures a procedure with fewer complications. But they’re also highly advantageous for the patient, with benefits that include:

  • Less Time – We know how busy you are. Those in Folsom and El Dorado Hills rarely have a lot of time available to spend going to the dentist. This ensures that all you need to plan for is one dental visit, drastically reducing scheduling inconveniences.
  • No Temp Crowns – Few patients enjoy temporary crowns. That’s because they’re not fitted to the mouth, they require some foul tasting putty, and they do not have the appearance of real teeth the way that your permanent crown will.
  • Better Outcome – With temporary crowns, your dentist needs to drill deeper into the tooth in order to fit the crown and prepare for the new one. Once it arrives, there are few options if there is some type of mistake. But with CEREC crowns, you’re still in the office in there are any problems, you will not need to drill more tooth, and you won’t run any risks of a temporary crown falling out or causing problems with your bite.

There are situations in which a traditional dental crown may be preferred, and we’ll be happy to talk to about them if they happen. But for most patients, same-day crowns are simply better. Learn more about our dental crowns in Folsom by contacting Esthetic Reflections in Dentistry, today.