As we approach the warmer months, it’s time for some seasonal tips for issues that directly relate to the hotter weather and exciting activities that we enjoy all summer. Dental hygiene may be year-round, but there are specific tips that are important for this time of year.

Tips for Summer Dental Hygiene and Care

  • Drink Water – Hydration helps keep up your saliva content, it nourishes the teeth and gums, and it is overall important for oral health. During hotter days, drinking extra water may help you avoid any dental complications.
  • Bring Your Kids and Teens – All kids need dental care, but it can be hard to schedule that care during the school year without taking some time off. Summer is thus a great time for a dental exam and cleaning, and if there are any treatments it allows your child to get them done before the school year begins.
  • Cool Down With Water – On hot days, it can be nice to grab a cold soda or beer and use it to cool down. But in addition to the sugar and chemical content in many of these drinks (both of which could damage enamel and has a negative effect on health), the carbonation can damage teeth as well. Try to refresh with cold water instead.
  • Keep Dr. Chen’s Emergency Number on Hand – Families in the Folsom and Sacramento areas tend to be very physically active during summer, swimming, playing sports, and more. Unfortunately, more activity does mean more risk for injury, including dental injury. It is a good idea to keep our number in your wallet or on hand so that you can call right away if an emergency occurs.
  • Be a Little Careful About the Barbecue – Summer is a great time to barbecue and eat some really filling foods. But if you suffer from acid reflux, those foods can lead to acid that pushes back up into the teeth, especially when sleeping. Acid can damage and soften enamel. If you are someone that may struggle from acid reflux, it is a good idea to talk to your doctor about medications or avoid some of the more filling summer foods.

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