We are nearing the end of the year. The leaves are turning orange. The weather is starting to cool from 110 degrees to a frigid 95 degrees. Football season has started. 2018 is right around the corner.

Which brings us back to insurance benefits. Dental insurance and flex spending plans are some of the only types of insurance that expire. Dental insurance and flex spending are “use it or lose it,” where every year, usually on January 1st, all of the money set aside for your dental care resets. It doesn’t roll over, and you can never see or use those benefits again.

Holiday Season is Busy – Schedule Your Dental Care Now

With a limited amount to use every year, using up every last penny of your dental benefits can save you money in the future, both because it covers some of the costs of needed dental work, and it treats any issues sooner before they become out of hand and more expensive.

In addition, September/October is the best time to try to use up these benefits. That is because:

  • Late November and December is holiday season, and chances are you are going to be too busy to be thinking about the dentist. That is why now it is better to consider using up your dental benefits now, when there is more time for you to schedule your appointment and your dental care can be a priority.
  • If we find something that may need to be treated at a future date, you still have time to make that second appointment before the end of the year. At Esthetic Reflections, we can also make sure that all appointments are scheduled in time, in the event that there are any delays.

For most forms of insurance, you have until December 31st to use up your insurance benefits. Yet scheduling it sooner does have many advantages. If you’re looking to use up your dental insurance for this year, please call us today at 916-983-6051.

NOTE: Changing Insurance? Please Let Us Know

We also wanted to briefly note to our patients that we cannot check insurance eligibility on the day of your appointment to see if it has changed. We will gladly check later when we bill, but if you have made any insurance changes, it is important to call us as much as a week in advance so that we can verify them.